I am now streamlining my search toward property management companies based in California. preferably ones that manages HOA's. I mean I belong to one and I get a monthly statement and can see how our funds are allocated monthly. As expected a bulk of the fees go towards home service businesses...i.e lawn maintenance and pool maintenance.

Does anyone have any advice and what to look out for in this industry. I do have a real estate license but I am unsure if that play any role. My background is also in manufacturing and most recently tech(software development) , i mean i can stomach another 20 years in manufacturing working in production but I want to try something new and I am a little apprehensive going into a whole new industry.
Finally, does anyone know if some of these HOA management companies eventually look into acquiring some home service business and keep some of those fees in-house. Looking at this angles as a way of increasing revenue eventually .

Thanks for reading my post . if you have any deals in the >750k EBIDTA , I am very interested