I'm looking to back independent sponsors who have found a deal and need an equity injection

Here are my criteria for a sponsor/deal
SBA 7a Loan
DSCR of at least 1.5
Sponsor Equity Injection of at least $50k. The more, the better. I dislike it when sponsors try to put in less than investors.
Preference for previous business owner. Humility. Reasonable CEO compensation (<$150k/year)
Industry: Pretty agnostic, as long as I believe it's enduringly profitable or has tailwinds

Check size: $50-100k

Please reach out to me DM me, email me jason@thefbaflipper or https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasonl527/

Looking forward to networking with others, even other investors. I have a lot of experience in the online M&A space tho would back only brick and mortar SMBs (durability)