Hello Fellow Searchers/Investors/Brokers! Bob Boniface (HBS 22') and I are actively searching for a blue-collar business in the US. We love dirty, gritty businesses with a little more CAPEX than your typical bespoke back-end accounting SaaS platform. If y'all encounter something with >$2M FCF (or EBITDA-CAPEX) we'd love to connect with you!

Example industries we're keen to look at:
- Light manufacturing (after-market auto parts, packaging)
- Industrial services (oil recycling, equipment rental)
- Logistics (HazMat shipping, refrigerated trucking)
- Utilities (Hyrdro-vac, line locating, pipeline inspection)

If you've got a seller concerned about employee safety and finding buyers that can stand up to their rough-and-tumble clients, give Polar Peak a shout! --@----.com