Hi Searchfunder community,

we are currently looking for two more Searchers who want to acquire a business with us in Germany.

The Searcher should match the following criteria:
- Technical background (Sciences, Engineering,...), ideally complemented with an MBA
- Underwent formal education (IB or Consulting)
- Ex-Founders of C-Level experience in a company with###-###-#### employees

Current focus sectors are:
- Software
- Asset light industrial companies
- Healthcare
- Business Services

About us (Seqos): We act as the "Second Searcher" to our incubated Single Searchers. Out team has extensive M&A experience and has launched four Search Funds and completed two acquistions last year. We only onboard 3-4x Searchers p.a. and are deeply involved in all parts of your Search Fund journey. Our Search Funds are closely aligned with the traditional Search Fund model with comparable economics.

If you are interested or know anyone who this could be a fit for, please reach out to me directly: --@----.com

Onwards and upwards!