Hello everyone!

My name is Mateo, and I am a second-year Political Science student at the University of Western Ontario. I am planning to study at the Ivey School of Business in my third year and pursue a dual degree in Honors Political Science and Business Administration.

I am keenly interested in finance, capital markets, and private equity, I am an analyst and Kings Capital Management and was a pro-bono consultant for Western Management Consulting. Unfortunately, I lost my internship due to Covid-19 late in the year and I have been on the hunt since. I am currently looking for summer opportunities to further develop my skills in business and financial modelling. I am open to many different opportunities and positions, I am just looking to gain experience. I would love to talk to you about opportunities at your companies. I'll be happy to send anyone my resume. My email is [redacted]

Cheers, Mateo Murr