I joined searchfunder last month. I am a prior software SaaS entrepreneur who raised VC money and sold the business 7 yrs later. I have done a few other 0 to 1 businesses including starting and selling a trucking business. I am late to the ETA/Search Fund model and I wish I would have done this before instead of starting from scratch. I am looking to invest in 5 to 10 self funded searchers in the next 3 yrs. But, I am looking to meet more people in the ETA/Search Fund community. I live in Atlanta and I am starting to meet a few people here, but we need a lot more networking events in my opinion.

I would appreciate any comments from people who have actually attended ETA conferences in the past. I am looking to connect with searchers and investors. What conferences would you recommend? I want to learn the POV of a searcher as much as possible so that I could be a better investor. I am an operator at heart, so this is not just about writing a check. I want to advice and help as well. I see a few conferences coming up like:
- Wharton ETA Conference on Mar 21, 2024 $100.
- SMBash in April. Salt Lake City, UT. $3,500 to attend

  • South East ETA Conference in September. Georgetown University in DC.
  • ETA Conference Booth-Kellog in Chicago in November 2024
  • HBS ETA Conference in Oct 2024
    Any recommendations if these conferences are worth the travel, cost and time? Can someone also comment on the SMBash which is 3 days and costs more than the others?

    Thank you in advance,