Hi All,

Excited to join the community. I am looking for guidance on an active deal I am working on in the for-profit professional education space. I have always been interested in Education companies and was connected to an owner in the fall of a small company that was interested in selling. I did some preliminary due diligence and we discussed his price but I wasn't ready to pull the trigger at the time as I had never intended to purchase a company coming out of an MBA (I have a consulting gig lined up currently which was the plan).

I have stayed in touch with the owner and we restarted talks recently after I found a partner that is excited about the business. I now need help lining up financing as the deal is really starting to heat up! Let me know if you are interested in helping (either as an investor or lender). We are currently looking at SBA Loans (my partner is a veteran as well, so they are very attractive) but it's obviously a tough time to get on the phone with a banker.

I know the industry very well and have a solid value creation plan ready (I hope!) once we take ownership.

Basics of the business:
2019 Rev: $1.8M
2019 EBITDA: 100K
CEO only spends 5 hrs / month on business and works remote
Business should actually be helped by recession / unemployment (Education Industry is counter cyclical)
Located in Pacific Northwest