Hi all,

Our firm, Industrial Succession, is looking for companies that do Sheet Metal Fabrication. We currently own a Metal Fabricator in Orange County, California and are looking to grow through bolt-ons or complimentary acquisitions. Ideally the target is located in the Southwest or Pacific Northwest, but we are location agnostic within the US as we do have customers across the country. The targets we have looked at have ranged in Cash Flow distressed to $7M in EBITDA.

At our current portfolio company we were able to implement an ERP and a second shift which has been sustained through organic growth efforts. We are now looking to growth through acquisition with Horizontal Integration being the first target. We are also open to potential vertical integration as well such as Machine Shops or Powder Coating Operations. Another avenue we are pursuing is Industrial Software, which has been one of our main focuses on-site.

We are an owner/operator group that buys and grows industrials businesses with the intent of never selling. We work with owners to pass on their legacies to a new permanent home — Industrial Succession. We aim to operate the company onsite alongside existing employees. With us, there is no lengthy transition period, no moving the company location, no employee downsizing, and no integration into a larger entity. Learn more about us on our website IndustrialSuccession.com