I'm looking to talk with active investors who would be willing to share their deal criteria and interest in New England based companies. I'm located in New Hampshire, have sourced and closed some micro deals on my own in the marketing agency space and am looking to build on my experiences with a larger deal and would like to find someone who can help me quarterback such a deal. I don't have enough deal making experience to know what to put in the LOI (let alone the purchase agreement) to manage risk nor is my personal capital enough to cover the equity injection and DD costs of a $700k - $1.5M EBITDA) transaction. I know how to find on and off market companies for sale that I'm interested in exploring and potentially operating and would like to partner up with someone who has a track record of getting from LOI to the closing table. I'm open to exploring different arrangements that are mutually beneficial as well as companies located outside of New England. While the smaller deals have taught me a lot of lessons without risking all my resources, I realize they don't move the needle and chew through a ton of time. Thanks.