I recently acquired a company in Toronto (www.hathorncorp.com) and have a unique opportunity to offer a prospective searcher. I'm 6 weeks in the chair and I need help knocking off some quick wins and managing projects. I'm looking for a junior partner to join me on the management bench. I'm creating a "Junior Partner" or "VP Ops" role which would be an excellent fit for a newly minted Canadian MBA who is looking to raise their own fund but is struggling to get over the hump and needs more exposure to the ecosystem.

I'm really looking for someone who has attempted to raise and failed or recognizes that they need help getting their foot in the door in the community by working hard and meeting people. I'm not looking for those folks who are just starting out on their journey and dabbling in search funds. I need a commitment that this is their chosen lifestyle/professional choice as I don't have time to educate folks on the ins and outs of search funds, how they work or what is required.

What I can offer is a salary & bonus, a key seat on the management bench, real world business management experience, exposure to the search fund community and key investors, exposure to the board and a promise to help you raise your fund when the time comes. I'd even be willing to seed your fund for you and make the right introductions/be your river guide when you pivot to your raise. This could turn into a long term role with an equity incentive should the candidate wish to delay their search for a few years but iInitially I'd be looking for help over the next 6-12 months and we'll see where that goes.

You must be eligible to work in Canada and willing to work with me at HQ full-time. This is not a remote role. Happy to take questions and create something that works for the right person. Please no sales calls or inquiries about anything else or any other role than the above.

Email me your CV and interest to --@----.com