Seeking capital.
I am looking to help out a roofing contractor that is: 1. Looking to retire 2. Looking to move on to other investments 3. Looking to move out of the area 4. In a divorce 5. Or just moving on to bigger & better things. Hoping to find that someone in S.E. Florida where I can partner or purchase his/her company if anyone may, even potentially, know of anyone? Here is even deeper criteria. Area/Location: Palm Beach Broward OR Gulf side from Naples to Tampa NET SELLERS EARNINGS: $1,000,000-$5,000,000 Type of business: Preferred - Roofing 2nd option(s) - Serviced based (some what related to construction or Realestate such as Tree trimming, septic, gutter cleaning, roofing cleaning, hurricane related, etc) Other preferred requirements: High margin Little to no A/R (serviced paid in advance or due at time of service). Value add opportunity Key staff in place No 1 customer translating to 10% or more of the company sales. Thanks for reading this post. Hope you can help me - help them.

Palm Beach, FL 33480, USA
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