Reflecting on my journey from the AZ Cardinals practice squad to a sudden call-up by the Cleveland Browns in Week 18 – a whirlwind transition to competition at the highest level. This experience sparked parallels with the world of business.

Recently, I encountered a deal where the seller intended to exit after just two weeks, leaving a void of crucial knowledge transfer. That's a deal-breaker for me. Just as in football, grasping the intricacies of a small business demands time and guidance. It's like joining a new team without a playbook.

Envision trying to figure out the Browns' playbook solo, without any support. My ability to operate on the field was made possible by dedicated coaches who trained me every step of the way. In business, it's no different. We need that support to navigate systems and processes effectively. I had a million questions when I first arrived, with someone to answer all of them with extreme detail. Understanding the why is as important as understanding the what.

We all shape our approach to deals based on our unique experiences. For me, it's about leaning on the lessons learned from the football field