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They are consultants for law firms that place and prepare expert witnesses for litigation & trial. Over the years, this operation has been able to create a network of experts to consult with and has a stable team of 12; made up of mostly attorneys, law professors, MBAs, and accountants. The buyer does not need to be an attorney as the current owner is not one. The current owner has some roles in business development and staff oversight. He has recently been offloading more of his client facing roles in order to prepare for a smooth transition. This firm’s client base are top, recognizable Corporations, News Channels and the Department of Justice, that need assistance finding expert witnesses, case analysis, witness reports, and trial strategy & preparation. Seller has offered a transition period ranging from 1 to 2 years. Additionally, the Owner is willing to seller finance or roll equity of up to 30% as a sign of good faith. The personnel of the firm work remotely, meaning they have extremely low overhead costs! This drives their 44% profit margin and allows them to take on clients across the United States and throughout Canada. Priced at $5,900,000 this business offers a strategic buyer the opportunity to expand their practice or this opportunity for an individual with legal experience looking to start their own practice. This consulting firm has a stable team, client base, and network that offer extreme growth opportunities moving forward. Options vary and include creating a division of the business to handle opposition research in order to find contradictions or indiscretions that would assist with discrediting the opposition’s expert witness, working with class action cases, and taking on cases for the International Trademark Association.

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exclusive representation
Business Services
Belmont, MA, USA
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