Hi Searchfunder community! I had an idea earlier last week that I think might be of value to this community: does there exist a focused list/database of small businesses whose owners are older than say 65 years old? The use-case here is for the searchers who are exclusively focused on buying businesses from those close to retirement.

The list would theoretically include key data elements such as: company name, industry, age of owner, LinkedIn profile of owner, company location, years the company has been in business, website, key products, number of employees, generic company phone number, generic company email.

Let me know if such a list already exists or if it would be useful to create one + which industries you’d want the list to be focused on; I’m brainstorming some ideas for my first data project and this is the first that comes to mind. if I go forward with this, I’d make the spreadsheet/database free for everyone that responds here (but would look to monetize it for others in the future)!