All- I have added a new section to my blog ("Buying a Business"), targeted specifically towards the Searchers and aspiring CEOs within this network. My posts will cover my experience, reflections, and lessons learned in searching for, acquiring, and integrating myself into a newly acquired SMB. This new section compliments my existing posts on Managing a Business, Managing Yourself, Managing a Software Company, and Selling Your Business.

My first post in this new category (link below) covers my major lessons learned during my first month as the CEO of a newly acquired company. As some of you may know, in 2014, I became the CEO of a mid-sized software company (after my search fund had acquired it from its original co-founders), powered by all of the wisdom and experience that one would expect from a 27-year-old who had never managed as much as a fruit stand in his entire life.

In this blog, I attempt to share with you some of the major lessons learned and observations gleaned from my few months as the CEO of a newly acquired small business, in hopes that you can utilize some of them when you find yourself in a similar situation.

Read (or listen) here: Lessons From my First Month as the CEO of a Newly Acquired Company