Hey all - I'm pumped to be hosting a webinar next week on what it's like to run your company post-acquisition.

What Did I Just Buy? Lessons from Buying and Operating 12 Companies
July 20th, 11am - Noon PT
Register Here:

Over the last 4 years, we've bought and now run a portfolio of a dozen companies - including niche construction companies, landscaping retail and services companies, a property management business, a portable buildings rental company, and a whitewater rafting and adventure business.

Two things we've learned:
1. Even with great diligence, you don't really know what you've bought until after you've bought it.
2. The first 3-6 months post acquisition have a huge impact on the long-term success of the business.

In this session, I'll walk through what it's been like to transition from searching to operating a company, the mistakes we've made along the way, and how to identify and build long-term value in your company.

Topics we'll cover:
1. Why "Do No Harm" is our first priority post acquisition.
2. Good and bad surprises that come along, and what to do when they hit.
3. A framework for identifying the levers of growth in the business.
4. The value of building community and shared learning with other operators.

I'll also talk through some insights from the book, Levers: The Framework for Building Repeatability into Your Business , which I recently co-authored with 3 other serial entrepreneurs and investors.

Here's the register link for the event again: https://www.searchfunder.com/event/view/604
Any other questions/topics that would be great to cover?