Though effective leaders tend to possess a multitude of different skills and abilities, my experience as a CEO taught me that the most important skill for any leader to possess is that of clear and effective communication. Indeed, a CEO’s strategy is only as good as her ability to communicate it.

Though some of the basic tenets of effective communication are obvious and intuitive, others are less so. Though I had always thought of myself as an effective communicator, the experience of actually leading a company over many years illustrated that good organizational communication often goes well beyond the basics.

In this blog, I will share with you some of the most important lessons that I learned about effective communication within my own company. Some specific things that I discuss include:

- If, how, and when to share bad news with your employees

- If, how, and when to communicate that a termination has been made

- To what extent should you share your company's financial results with your employees?

- How many times you should expect to say something before it's truly retained by your employees

- How the mood of the employee base tends to directly reflect the mood of the leader

Link to read/listen is below. Please enjoy.

A Leader's Most Important Skill