Hey SearchFunder Community,

I wanted to introduce myself and be a resource for all of you. I’m actively looking to network with searchers and business brokers.

My name’s Jason, I’m with Arena Commercial Capital. We help finance business acquisitions, especially those difficult or unconventional ones that traditional lenders won’t touch. Our SBA program goes from $150k to $15M, and we have additional options for $15M+.
And for your acquisitions that just aren’t a good fit for SBA, we offer Personal Unsecured Loans from $25k to $450k.

Some of our competitive advantages include:

-We can finance acquisitions with major discrepancies between P&Ls and tax returns - a deal killer for almost all SBA lenders. -Our down payment requirements are extremely flexible, going as low as 5% compared to the typical 15-20% requested by most SBA lenders. If a borrower has direct industry experience, we can go as low as 0% cash injection. -Our interest rates are highly competitive, even in a time of historically high inflation. At a time when many lenders are offering 2.5 or 3 + Prime, we recently generated a term sheet for an acquisition at 8.9%. -We are partnered with one of the only SBA lenders in the nation who offers FIXED interest rate SBA loans. -We can finance Emerging Brand (3 locations or more) vs. Established Brand (20+ locations) franchises. -We can finance acquisitions with a high sales or customer concentration. -We can lend aggressively - we can go as low as a 1.25x DSCR, as opposed to many lenders which require 1.5x. -We are completely industry agnostic, not industry specific, allowing us to consider a broader range of deals.

If you’ve got a deal that was turned down by another lender, you’re a Searcher just looking to get pre-qualified for financing, or you’re a business broker who’s looking for more lending options, let’s connect.

Please feel free to DM me, email me at --@----.com or give me a call at###-###-#### .