We are launching 4 new services and want to have a few people provide feedback in exchange for an early look at services and a $1,500 discount on QoEs.

Please DM me if you have 10 minutes to preview our new services and provide feedback. Having early access to the services (pre-launch) and getting a $1,500 discount on services should be a major driver for serious deal folks. to inquire. We'll close this once we get 3 participants. Act now!

New Services:

1) Due Diligence Process Management (QoE included)

2) Guardian Deal Community (100+ videos answering top searcher questions - join for access)

3) Guardian's 21 Point Deal Score - a Pre-LOI evaluation tool to gauge the quality of your deal and know how hard it will be to close it (10+ years, 100+ Guardian deals have, 5+ PE groups scoring tools have gone into this scoring mechanism)

4) 2022 Guardian Deal Mastermind Workshop - for professionals looking to keep their jobs while they search and reduce their time to execution

Bonus) "How To Lose a Million Dollars Buying a Business" - Elliott Hollands book on how to execute comprehensive diligence