In this session, Karen answers frequently asked questions about launching your search to become the owner of your own small to medium-sized business. Additionally, there's a dedicated Q&A portion.

Karen has been dubbed the Walking Search Fund Wiki, the EtA Encyclopedia, and (her favorite) Mrs. Searchfunder. As co-founder of Searchfunder and founder of Fetch Strategies, she draws on nearly a decade of knowledge to create a welcoming and inclusive environment and to develop resources for a diverse range of aspiring entrepreneurs.

Karen has done what no individual searcher can — or should — do: globetrotting to EtA conferences, conducting hundreds of interviews, and engaging with searchers, SMB operators, lenders, and investors on a daily basis. She is one of the few individuals on this planet who has read everything on Searchfunder.

With this extensive knowledge base, Karen has applied her analytical skills, political campaign experience, and entrepreneurial savvy to design a platform that's both efficient and full of valuable content. She provides a wealth of organized, curated information in her programs, including her EtA Guidebook, which acts as a guide and reference for acquisition entrepreneurs ready to step to the next level.

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