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Fully Remote Company with a portfolio of Martech and Data Science solutions, some as a reseller and others as its own product. The firm distributes and supports these solutions into Advertising Agencies and Corporate end-clients. It serves 20 of the top 50 Latin American Ad Agencies. Clients in 6 countries with a large share of clients being local subsidiaries of multinational corporations based out of the US or Europe. Customer concentration is healthy, with its top 5 clients accounting for less than 10% of revenues each. Average monthly ticket is $2,300 and annual Churn is 10% or less. The Company had $502K in revenue in 2021 with $12K EBITDA. In business since 2014, the firm operated as a pure-play reseller until 2019 when it launched its own data science product, a single dashboard service that includes data from over half a dozen different technologies that Ad agencies have historically had to manage separately, and AI that facilitates data-driven insights. The founder is seeking a full or partial exit because the new in-house platform is ever-increasingly demanding more of his time. An ideal scenario would entail bringing in a new operating partner to assume the traditional cash rich business unit while he focuses on scaling the in-house platform, especially attacking a unique niche opportunity in the US market, mid-market digital agencies of which there are approximately 3,000.

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