Hey Searchfunder Community,

We've gathered insights from speaking to hundreds of buyers and sellers worldwide from our 13,000 member community on foundy.com, including search funds, roll-up aggregators, PE fund managers, and founders. One common challenge is raising capital to finance acquisitions and fueling working and growth capital needs. Inefficiencies and delays in raising capital can add significant risk and cost to buyers and sellers in the lead-up to an acquisition and when you are scaling afterwards, too.

Foundy is here to solve this for North American and UK businesses via our highly advanced fundraising tool. Learn more here: https://foundy.com/fundraising

Gone are the days of applying individually to lenders or equity investors. Collectively, clients have saved over £8 million in fees and raised over £400 million, with an average timeline from application to money in the bank of just 2 weeks!

From your personalised dashboard, you can instantly access a list of comparable funding options from the embedded network of over 800 lenders and investors. Businesses in the USA and UK can raise between $20k to $25 million in debt, equity finance, and grants for acquisition finance, working capital, growth capital, startup loans, and many other funding products. Hundreds of SBA lenders are already embedded, for example, so you can easily compare interest rates from one centralised platform.

The process is straightforward: a confidential questionnaire that takes only 8 minutes to complete costs nothing and does not involve an initial credit check. Plus, Foundy's small fee is on the lender side rather than yours, providing even more cost savings.

To access your personalised dashboard to review tailored funding options for your use case, go through the quick questionnaire here:

If you are a North America-based business or investing in/ acquiring one, then get started here

If you are a UK business or investing in/ acquiring one get started here

Even if you’re not currently fundraising, you can still benefit personally and help others simultaneously. If you know someone who is, we offer a generous referral fee. Your referral fee ranges from £1k to £20k, depending on the deal size. To make an introduction, simply email --@----.com either by notifying me of who is raising for us to contact or introducing us directly.

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Joe Lewin

CEO & Founder, Foundy