Hello all,

Joined the Searchfunder community earlier this month, excited to hopefully build some great relationships here. A little bit about me and how I fit into the community - I work for a small consulting firm in the Philadelphia area, graduated from Villanova University School of Business in May (Finance/Analytics/Real Estate). The company I currently work for helps innovative growth compaies solve some of their most pressing challenges.

This often ranges from helping early-stage startups to companies doing upwards of $50MM in revenue, on projects ranging from valuation work, getting funded, understanding more about an industry or competitors, or anywhere else where we can add value. Given this work, we often network with investors on deals ranging from Seed-Series A to multi-million dollar acquisitions. We also have a lesser defined VC arm of the company as well, but the focus remains consulting.

Happy to connect with any of you, shoot me an email at [redacted] As you guys can see, I can fit into a bunch of different buckets here. Again, excited to network and contribute here!