Hi, women searchers and investors:

You may find the weekly knockout webinars by the Kayo Conference series to be of interest. Their recent webinar "OPPORTUNITY ZONES: WHERE ARE WE HEADED TODAY?" is available here. On Thursday, they will host a webinar on "HOW MANY FIRMS WILL FAIL? SIZING UP THE STORM OF RESTRUCTURING AND BANKRUPTCIES."

I take pride in being neutral in providing information and resources to help the members of our community succeed. For this reason, I am sharing this information with you.

Even so, I would be remiss if I did not express my grave concerns about the inclusivity of this organization. Over a year ago, I wrote to them politely explaining that I found the title of one of their programs offensive. I followed up a week or so later. I did not receive a response to either email. I then asked one my white female colleagues to reach out to them and she received an immediate response. Thankfully, the name of the program was changed. Based on this experience, I don't feel comfortable posting their events to our calendar page.

Thus, I'd like to hear any feedback or info you have on this organization to know whether my experience was an isolated fluke or not? If you have attended a Kayo Conference event, feel free to comment here or DM me. Thanks.