Why start a company to buy a company? There are a couple of reasons are provided in Harvard Business Review's Guide to Buying a Small Business book. https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/hbr-guide-to-buying-a-small-business-richard-s-ruback/

That said, here are my reasons:

  1. It provides me with a more professional appearance
  2. It allows me to start being the CEO of the company I will eventually purchase by beginning to act as a CEO to do things like a. Keeping track of expenses b. Marketing/branding
  3. It gives me a secure professional email that looks better than @gmail account
  4. It is relatively inexpensive
  5. It will make it easier to utilize tax deductions come tax time

    With my wife’s help, we decided to call it Sleepy Creek Capital. This is based on an area local to us. It was both available as URL and with the state of West Virginia.