Self Assessment

As suggested in the book "Buy then Build" by Walker Deibel, a self assessment is beneficial to help understand opportunities where personal strengths can be leveraged to successfully grow a business. On the flip side, it also is imperative to avoid the pitfall of buying a business that requires personal weakness to stay afloat. As such, I spent the weekend reflecting on my past successes and failures and what led to them, and took that information and condensed it down to a strengths and weaknesses list.


Seeing and driving the big picture Problem-solving capabilities Marketing Motivating and inspiring folks Willingness to learn and adapt Strong sense of right and wrong Openness of thought Honest Strong work ethic Willingness to be in the trenches, and lead by example Persistent


No desire to keep track of the minutia Accounting novice No desire to do repetitive tasks Can be argumentative Excitable at times Can lose temper Can be blunt Don’t suffer fools