I apologize in advance for the anonymous post. I’m not a fan of anonymous posts, but I believe it’s warranted here.
I’m contemplating starting a venture fund to support more searchers. As with probably almost everyone here, I believe there are healthy financial returns for helping transition small and medium companies to new ownership.
Like with other funds, this fund would help mitigate risks by spreading bets over more deals. However, I think there is an additional opportunity: searchers outside of the United States seem to be somewhat under-served and overlooked when it comes to funding.

While I am happy to consider folks from any background, I suspect the ideal collaborator would have one or more of the following characteristics: - Purchased and exited one or more businesses through the ETA model. - Facilitated many of these types of transactions as an investor or professional. - Started or run a venture fund.

Please drop a message in the comments if you are interested in connecting. Thanks in advance.