Imagine knowing it would take six years to buy a business. Six years of negotiations, setbacks, learning, and persistence. Would you have the guts to start?

My interview with Bakari Akil

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It’s a test of endurance that asks more of you at every turn. Can you stay committed when the process drags on? Can you keep your investors engaged and maintain the confidence of your stakeholders? This is not just about having the capital; it's about having the perseverance and vision.


00:00 The Journey of Acquiring Companies

06:55 Building Relationships with Investors

23:40 Understanding Fees and Compensation

25:49 The Importance of Building a Network

29:40 The Role of an Independent Sponsor

31:58 The Need for Patience in the Deal-Making Process

39:18 Goal of Running a Company as CEO

44:41 Starting Early and Engaging with Investment Bankers and Business Owners