Hello SearchFunder Community!

I am a former searcher, now Operator, running an IT Services company HQ'd in Los Angeles. We luckily have had solid organic growth and are in the process of merging Operations with an ISP in CA with a nationwide footprint.

Because of our footprint expansion and ability to leverage the network of SearchFunder, we wanted to give back to the community here and see if we can help any current Operators / Business Owners with their Voice (phone systems, VOIP, PBX), Data (Fiber, Fail-Over, Multi Location Connection) or IT Services (Help-Desk, Server Management, Network Management) needs.

We would be happy to help at a preferential rate for any SearchFund member / Operator as we are looking to give back to the folks here that have equally shared knowledge along the way.

Please feel free to email us directly for more information if you are part of an organization with[redacted]employees in the United States - [redacted] that is interested in streamlining their technology systems and saving money as well.