A broker reached out to me with a deal that we have significant interest in (in an industry that we have already been spending time looking into). I spoke to the broker a couple of weeks ago, explained who were, our financing and why it might be a good fit and they agreed.

It also appears that the broker hasn't really spent any time on this company yet and they are very early in the process (no real timeline to speak of). Naturally, our thought was "let's move quick and try and preempt any process." We reached back out to the broker with a few questions and explained that if we could get a couple of answers (or even better a prelim call with the CEO), we'd be able to make an offer relatively quickly. No response. One or two more emails in, no response.

What we are wondering now is whether or not it's a good idea to reach out to the CEO of the company directly? Importantly, we aren't trying to cut out the broker, etc. just want to move quickly. Any thoughts?