Hi everyone, I am a first time, self funded searcher in the process of getting my first LoI signed, and curious about the role of an accountant. If one has a basic understanding of finance/accounting and feels comfortable doing a crude/rudimentary proof-of cash, along with hiring a firm to do QofE, do you even need a separate accountant at all?

My plan is to work with the best lenders and lawyers that I can, and to pony up for QofE, but I am unable to see what incremental value an accountant would bring. Also I've had terrible experiences with accountants in the past, and frankly it seems like they might be a drag on the forward momentum of the deal.

I would love to hear examples of how accountants add value and what else I might be missing here? And if indeed they are really required, what qualities should one look for when retaining an accountant?