I'm evaluating a high precision machine shop that primarily serves the defense market with (70%) customer concentration through 5-10 different projects annually. The target company has large purchase orders in the very near future that will support a defense platform that will replace a legacy system. The large customer has indicated that this will require the target company to produce at least $30M of primary products over the next three years plus an additional $5-8M of ancillary products all in support of this new defense platform. In the next couple weeks target co. will receive the initial purchase order to support this new platform, approx. $6.5M.

Historical performance:

2021: $10.1 revenue, $3.6M adj. EBITDA, $780k capex

2022: $12.9M revenue, $4.2M adj EBITDA, $610k capex

2023E $12.3M revenue, $4.4M adj. EBITDA, $660k capex

I'm looking to speak with investor(s) about deal structuring options, as I need to get an LOI out to the owners fairly soon, or they will take the company to market. I have an indication on valuation, $20M EV, and owners want to hold some equity since the long-term opportunity from their main customer and this new defense platform is fairly substantial.

Please email me at --@----.com