Seeking capital.
We are excited to announce a capital raising project for an innovative company in the insurance space, currently seeking Series A funding of $5 million USD. Based in the US, this company is revolutionizing the insurance industry with a unique blend of life insurance, asset-backed lending, life settlements, and cutting-edge blockchain and AI technology. - Revolutionizing Life Insurance: This company is not just redefining life insurance; it is reinventing it. With a forward-thinking model, traditional policies are transformed into dynamic tools for enhancing life today, not just after you're gone. Policyholders can utilize benefits now, supporting major life milestones like buying a home or starting a family early. - Catalyst for Immediate Benefits: Their signature "cash paid upfront" life insurance is designed for immediate impact. By offering a portion of the benefit upfront, they not only provide financial security but also enrich the lives of customers in real-time, promoting wellness and enabling dreams without delay. - Fusion of Technology and Well-being: At the core of their offering is a pioneering integration of biometrics and AI technology, positioning them as leaders in the FinTech renaissance. This technology empowers clients with personalized insights and solutions, enhancing both their financial and physical well-being. - Commitment to Infinite Possibilities: The company stands for more than just protection; it stands for empowering clients to seize life’s infinite possibilities. They aim to inspire and be a part of their customers' journeys, not just a footnote in financial planning. This is a compelling opportunity for investors to support a groundbreaking company that is set to transform the insurance industry. Join us in funding a venture that promises to redefine financial security and well-being through technological innovation and customer-centric solutions. We are in development phase and the listed revenue and EBITDA are indicative of the expected launch phase revenues.

Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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