Hi everyone

For those who don’t know me, I set up Birch Faraday Capital as a search fund back in 2021 and acquired a business a little under two years later in July###-###-#### More details on the transaction can be found here:
We are now focused on, not only on scaling the portfolio company through both organic growth and via acquisition, but also expanding Birch Faraday’s investment portfolio further. I understand how frustrating and challenging capital raising can be, particularly in the UK, where investors don’t necessarily have the risk appetite, deep pockets or understanding of the search world that you would see in the US.
I would love to be able to support searchers on their entrepreneurial journey and with that in mind, I am very interested in having conversations with UK based self-funded searchers or searchers engaged in the independent sponsor model with a view to either: 1) Contributing to their Cap Table or 2) Co-investing (Joint Venture)
I am also interested in discussing any deals originated (both proprietary and via brokers) that you would be open to passing across to us as we are more than happy to pay a success fee for any completed transaction originally brought directly to us by you.

And on a separate note, should any searchers need advice or support regarding origination or transaction execution, particularly around due diligence, financing, deal structuring or financial modelling / valuation please don't hesitate to reach out.
Please feel free to PM me or email me on --@----.com
Excited to help out if we can!