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E-commerce business that connects Australian cheese vendors with consumers in a marketplace anywhere in Australia. Brand new marketplace launch that's ready for instant scale, accelerated by COVID-19 adoption of the marketplace model (100 new vendors across a range of categories have been onboarded to drive new product sales). Raising 2m AUD for 20% equity at an $8m pre-money valuation. Already processed over 47,000 orders from over 23,000 customers in FY21, an increase of 134% and 73% respectively compared to FY20. Anticipated exit in the form of a trade sale, secondary buyout or IPO in 3-5 years. $4.5m FY21 Sales (+135% from FY20) with $1.28m NPAT 121 Products (+98% from JUN20) 48K FY21 Orders (+134% from FY20) 24K Customers (+73% from FY20) “Cheese Club” recurring subscription model to come. Current revenue sources are from company owned products via inventory-based sale (60,000 products shipped). Future revenue include 20% fees added to all vendor marketplace transactions and 20% fees on top of all 4PL costs to vendors. 100% of Intellectual Property is owned bytheir bespoke 4PL system which handles every moving part within the customer’s supply chain and serves as a single point of contact for all parties. To enquire about how you can take advantage of this rare opportunity, email --@----.com to schedule a quick call.

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