Hello SearchFunder community,

My name is Narsai Tailo (more about me below), Managing Partner of Valpo Holdings. The designation in my profile is "searcher", since it is probably the most fitting of the options, however that isn't quite accurate. At Valpo, we are indeed searching for a business to buy, but we aren't a traditional search fund. My two partners and I are utilizing our own capital for both our search process and eventual acquisition of a business. Leveraging our own capital aligns with our hold time, which ideally is forever. Also, we do not plan on operating the business directly. We instead are looking to put a CEO/GM in place to manage the day to day operations of the business. This gives us greater flexibility in our geographic parameters and also in the way we structure transactions, particularly with owners who need a partner to help them grow to the next level and beyond. At this time, our main needs are two fold. We are actively looking for dealflow (both brokered and proprietary deals) while simultaneously building connections with potential CEO candidates. A little bit more detail about what we are looking for:

+ B2B or B2C services

+ Recurring revenue component

+ $500K+ in free cash flow

+ A business that will be around for 30+ years

+ Geographically agnostic (slight leaning to California as we are based there)

More about me...I am currently based in the Bay Area, CA and have 12+ years of experience working in operations, finance, and real estate. I began my career working for Fisher Investments, a global asset management firm, with both high networth and institutional clients. I then worked for Meridian Investment Management and oversaw the firm's investments, including the investment and development of $100M+ of real estate assets. Active deals include a 258 multifamily development under construction in Detroit, MI, entitlement of 160 units in Santa Rosa, CA, repositioning of 27 acre site in San Diego, CA and entitlement of a 35,000 sqft mixed use project in downtown San Mateo, CA. The vision for Valpo Holdings was born in 2020 and launched officially in January[redacted]I graduated with a B.S. in Finance from Santa Clara University, where I am currently finishing my MBA part-time (Spring 2021).
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