Greetings, Searchfunder Community,

I am thrilled to announce the launch of my traditional search fund, Segundo Ato Investimentos. My goal is to find, acquire and operate an excellent business in Brazil.

Segundo Ato Investimentos

Segundo Ato Investimentos, which means "Second Act Investments", is a traditional search fund that I lead as a solo-searcher. With over a decade experience in Sales, Marketing and Strategy and a Global Executive MBA from Rotterdam School of Management, I'm well prepared for this journey.

I'm actively seeking to acquire and manage a unique business in Brazil, aiming to assist successful business owners with their transition and succession plans. I'm open to a range of industries and locations, yet I have a special interest in the countryside of São Paulo state, emphasizing personal interactions with business owners.

About the Principal

I bring a rich history of commercial and operational leadership, particularly noted during my extensive tenure at RHI Magnesita in Germany and the Netherlands. Having led teams with over 65 employees and responsibility over full P&L structure of regions generating more than €140 million in revenue, together with mz foundation in Chemical Engineering and an ongoing Global Executive MBA, I'm uniquely equipped to acquire an exceptional company and propel it to new heights in Brazil's vibrant market.

For Mentors / Investors

I am keen to connect with Mentors & Investors who can help me on this path. If you're interested in collaborating, exploring potential acquisitions, or sharing valuable insights, please reach out. Let's connect and create positive impact together.

For Brokers / Intermediaries

If you know any business owners in Brazil who are considering retirement, I would be delighted to have a conversation with you. Please feel free to reach out to me via DM or contact details below.

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