Hi everyone, I'd like to introduce www.pemarketplace.co, a boutique M&A platform that we built to help business owners raise capital or sell their business without an investment banking fee.

Recently, we realized that our software platform would be a perfect tool for search funds and independent sponsors to raise capital. We have a full deal profile with pre and post NDA sections that you can share with investors and you can also execute NDAs automatically through the platform.

Our investor base is limited to accredited investors and we manually approve every buyer/investor on our platform. You can also share a Pre NDA profile of your deal to any investor that is not yet on our platform with a simple to share public link that invites them to execute the NDA via the platform.

Please email me at --@----.com if you'd like to learn more. Additionally, if you are interested in joining as a buyer, happy to chat on that as well.