Hello Search Fund Community,

My name is Steve Mason, I recently left my position as VP of Digital Transformation & Applications at a major health system to search for a small to medium sized business to acquire and run. I have a passion for leading teams, overcoming difficult business challenges, and optimizing performance. I plan to officially launch my search in the next few weeks and I’m looking to connect with other Search Principals to share strategies and better understand challenges throughout the process.

Fellow searchers — Please feel free to reach out, I’m excited to meet new talented and ambitious entrepreneurs.

My Background

([redacted]) VP of Digital Transformation & Applications at a major Oklahoma Health System. Lead teams improving our application suite to support the pandemic response and allow for remote work. Additionally, guided a re-organization and the onboarding of a Managed Services Provider to reduce costs.

(2018) Leader of Integrations Team at a mid-sized O&G company. Focused on improving the post go-live performance of a major ERP migration.

(2017) VP of Engineering for Custom Software Development Company. Led multiple engineering teams in the development of several cloud-based SaaS applications for clients.

([redacted]) Technology Consultant with boutique firm. Conducted over 35 Technical Due Diligences for several PE firms.

([redacted]) Naval Officer & Navy Helicopter Pilot. Served in a variety of leadership as a pilot, staff officer, and instructor.

Education: UC-Berkeley, MBA (2018), Johns Hopkins, M.S. in Computer Science (2004), USNA, B.S. in Computer Science (2003).

My Search

  • Traditional Funded Search
  • Industry Focused & Opportunistic
  • Geography — Anywhere in US


  • Growing Industry (e.g. SaaS, Cybersecurity, Healthcare, etc.)
  • EBITDA $1-$5M
  • High Competitive Barriers
    - Focus on Technology/Technology-Enabled Services

Looking for a good-business (a fair price) with the potential to organically grow and increase overall value in the next 5-7 years.
Geography I’m considering all US regions, but my initial search focus is on businesses in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.