Hello Search Funder -

My name is Zachary McClung and I'm a proud college dropout. I also was born legally blind and technology has helped fix that recently. I started working towards my accounting degree when I was in high school (bad choice if you are legally blind btw). I had my first year completed before leaving high school. A short two years later, I decided to drop out with 95% of it completed. Why? I hated it. It was the best decision I've made.

Shortly after dropping out, I created my company that will be 12 years old this week. At the beginning, I started using my natural sales skills to help companies make TONS of money. Took the first company we worked with from $500k to $2 million in two years. That was right after the great recession.

Through that journey of helping companies with their sales, I had the opportunity to run a remote technical support department of 40 agents from around the world. That created the foundation for the brand I launched 5 years ago that has now successfully helped over 14,000 Shopify stores with their design/development needs.

What's next? I'm looking to acquire small businesses that are typically tech impaired and VC have no interest in. I want to bring technology to them.

1) Reduce cost through automated billing
2) Grow the business through focusing on building web presences and adding reviews
3) Improving customer experience with better scheduling and portals
4) Reducing payroll cost through remote first teams

I'm looking for individuals who want to support that journey and be in on these deals. If this sounds like something for you, feel free to drop me a DM.

Also, if you love dogs, you can also DM me. We will get along great. Lola says Hi.