Was pointed to this community by a client who is a searcher. Our service at Radar Talent Solutions is developing custom frameworks and process for hiring, as well as executing those for clients with bandwidth constraints. We've seen a need at growing firms without a dedicated HR department for support throughout the hiring process at all levels (entry-level/frontline all the way to GM), and I love getting to know the operators and their businesses.

Separately, I learned the term 'Searchfund' last year from an undergrad classmate and friend who went onto MBA and works in PE. I sought their input while performing due diligence on a FedEx Ground ISP business I was considered acquiring. Something that colors all of my work is listening and learning in preparation for someday closing on an opportunity.

I'd love to connect with other service providers in this community across locations and disciplines. I've also seen intros from folks in Minneapolis (MSP) Minnesota. That's where I am and I'd definitely like to connect with others here.