Hello, SearchFunder community – excited to join you all. I'm based in Boston but also often in the UK (Edinburgh) thanks to my last stint leading a company to a successful exit there.

I’m a searcher exploring acquisitions and considering either self-funded or traditional paths, focused on US-based businesses. Having spent over two decades in financial services and as a passionate entrepreneur, I've scaled businesses from modest beginnings to significant valuations, leveraging my experiences to drive strategic, operational, and financial improvements. Currently, I lead Bifrost Advisors, employing our proprietary BRIDGE methodology to enhance the performance of startups and SMEs.

Keen to connect with fellow searchers, investors, advisors, and anyone passionate about building thriving businesses. If you're interested in potential collaborations or just want to exchange insights, feel free to reach out either here or at --@----.com

Looking forward to learning, sharing, and contributing to this vibrant community!