Sunland Capital

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Sunland Capital is a private equity fund. We are Pursuing acquiring in service sector particularly in health care. Looking for Interns passionate in M&A area with MBA from top universities preferred.

Why us:

We are well funded

Opprtunity to convert to long term carrier goal

Our team has extensive experience in running worldclass businesses with extensive marketing and operating expertise

We will help you to navigate to your next goals

Responsibilities and day to day actions;

        -Help with deal flow: 1. Identify and curate target search list  2. Communicate with business[redacted]owners and brokers 3. Maintain and organize documents and communication

Deal Analysis ; 1. Receive and document necessary financials for deal analysis. 2. Input the data and run tests

Must be capable of working independently without direct supervision . Training /mentoring /feedback will be provided by our expert team.


• Location: Remote or in our office at los angeles, CA

• Minimum of 20 hours/week and up to 40 hours/week.

• Workday times: Start and end times are flexible, but consistency is expected.

• Devices: You are expected to provide your own computer and phone.

How to apply: Email the founder [redacted] with a resume and a brief description of why you’re interested in this role