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Preferring not to outsource lead conversion and management, executives at a law firm created an in-house department to control both costs and quality. Once the concept was proven, a separate entity was formed, other law firms were pursued, and the niche Company flourished. The Company’s proprietary software is unique in the industry. The web-based element controls the ability to manage leads with prescriptive detail based on the legal matter and individual law firm's requirements. The ability to tailor the intake processes and create unique, personalized dialogues leads to contract conversions. The Company’s software also integrates case management, document management, telephone, chat, and digital products. And it is easy for the agents to handle multiple leads with multiple client firms. Since launching in 2018, management and team members have continually trained intake personnel to ensure the highest level of quality and comfort for the potential client. Monthly invoice rates per firm range broadly. Newer or smaller client firms may come in at only $500 monthly, while most average $15k monthly. The biggest client brings in $40-45k per month. Managing the current workload is###-###-#### intake agents per shift. The expectation of management (per agent training) and those of the client is that those intakes are resolved during those shifts. In addition, some of the 4 team leads also answer calls while management is available in case of call escalation. NDA is required to secure a comprehensive Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) crafted by ProNova Partners. Detailed Information Facilities: Not applicable. Call agents work remotely. Competition: Cost pressures make competition in the intake industry particularly intense, as is the personal injury field of law. But the Company’s law firm upbringing enables it to obtain a high rate of retainers and low error rates. Growth & Expansion: To maximize profits and continue to grow, the Sellers recommend that a Buyer invest in marketing to grow brand awareness and reach grow client base to 60 contracted firms. However, audit client base for effectiveness and re-consider pricing structure as warranted. As processes become more repetitive, continue to invest in tech; particularly AI integration. Financing: TBD if the deal structure and terms are acceptable. Support & Training: To ensure a smooth transition and ongoing success the Sellers will work with a buyer directly as needed for 4-6 weeks and potentially further in an advisory role as negotiated. Reason for Selling: Ownership has determined that focus should return solely to the law firm.

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