Hi all,

I've helped over 15+ searchers over the past 18 months and just came across SearchFunder. I know a lot of searchers have excellent operational experience, but may not have gone through a traditional investment banking or private equity path and look for additional financial / diligence resources. I help all sorts of searchers (both traditional and self-funded) with industry research, thematic sourcing, building institutional investment memos and LBO models, and often help out post-closing with financial reporting, KPI's and quarterly board packages to ensure your acquisition gets off to a strong start. I often rollover 100% of my compensation as sweat equity, costing you no cash upfront and creating strong alignment.

I know many searchers leverage interns and UpWork for quick 1099 help and some individuals can't quite find the help they need - if you are looking for institutional help to move more efficiently through diligence I'd be happy to connect. I've really enjoyed connecting with searchers and evaluating businesses together across all sorts of niche industries. Feel free to reach out on LinkedIn or happy to email you a services overview deck if you could utilize incremental help (https://www.riverstonereporting.com/search-funds).