Hey! I'm currently raising my first round of search capital and would like your help! There are two marketing companies I'm currently talking through the details of how to work together and possibly acquire using creative finance strategies.

These are all off-market leads:

- One is a 20+ y/o marketing company where the owner loves the creative side and hates the business side. There is currently a team in place as well as some longer-term customers and recurring revenue. I'm furthest along in the search phase with this company.

- A second one I'm talking with is also a 20+ y/o marketing services business with nearly 850k in top-line recurring revenue and more in project work on top of that. This is co-owned by two other people and is looking for help scaling the business.

- There is a third that recently contacted me and we are working on scheduling a call for next week.

- Finally, A fourth marketing company (local to me) is interested in being a capital partner with me on the deals we put together as well as is interested in providing their more than 20 years of expertise while working as a partner with us.

If you know of someone who might benefit from working together and investing alongside me in these deals, I'd love to meet them.

Please message me directly or feel free to comment if you have any recommendations or introductions.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Tyler Lindell