Over recent months, I feel I've seen a fairly large number of auto care-oriented businesses listing for sale. Oil, Tires, Brakes, Exhaust & Muffler, Full-Service Engine Repair, Auto Glass, etc. Typically franchises, but not always.

When I see a trend of many similar businesses listing, it suggests to me there's likely a significant shift in the market - either one occurring or soon-to-come. By way of example, many small Colorado liquor stores went up for sale in the 6 months prior to November 2022, because a ballot initiative making it more difficult for them to compete with big box liquor stores was widely anticipated to pass.

Is there something similar going on in the non-dealer automotive care industry? Some reason everyone is trying to get out now? Or is my "feeling" that I've seen more of these listings in recent months off-base, and there are always many of these trading hands?