I'm an e-commerce (primarily Aamazon FBA) business owner looking to invest capitol in an acquisition. My business is providing me with more cashflow than I can easily redeploy and I'd like to invest it elsewhere. My initial thought was to purchase another business and run that at the same time as my existing one.

I've been keeping track of all the businesses that come through all the online business brokers to see if anything catches my interest. The majority I'm seeing are Amazon businesses and I normally feel that I can replicate those results for less than they are asking for the business. Also, you are going to get more copy cats after you disclose the financials of your FBA biz.

I've read the HBR Guide to Buying a Small Business, Buy then Build by Walker Deibel as well as many other "buy a business" type books. I've listened to many podcasts on this subject from Chenmark Capitol, Think like an Owner and Brent Beshore. I really like the concept of investing in long term businesses like these and have something that is not necessarily related to e-commerce.

After doing all of this research, I feel like I'm better off running and growing my own business with my full attention and investing my capitol with someone who is acquiring a company.

I joined SearchFunder because I heard this is the place to connect with people looking to acquire a company.

My background is mainly in online marketing. I've bought and sold several small online properties. The company I currently own was actually an acquisition.

Now where do I start looking for investment opportunities? I'm looking to invest in one or multiple projects. I'm willing to look at the online space as well as a regional service business. I'm really looking to just keep my capitol growing instead of sitting in a CD or savings account.

What types of dollars amounts are searchers looking for? How do I find deals to invest in?