Hi SearchFunders,

I am a new searcher -- not yet launched my search, but very committed to it.

One thing I have learned so far? Search is hard. Many things can go wrong during search or after the deal close. I will never call such journeys failures, because I understand a lot of times things just did not work out -- despite searchers' best efforts.

If your search process or acquired business did not work out, I want to hear your stories. Please email me. See below for my email address. I would love to buy you a cup of coffee/meal if you do not mind sharing your journey. (In-person if you are in Boston; or gift cards if you are located elsewhere).

If you know someone with such experience and do not mind referring them, please also email me. For every successful referral, I will also buy you a cup of coffee.

And if you are a searcher and interested in connecting with me, especially if you are in Boston/New England, I would be happy to connect. Also email me.

My email: --@----.com regards,