You probably already have an Amazon FBA or SaaS next business acquisition in mind, but finding the perfect funding source it’s complicated:

Banks - will not help you acquire a business and even if they sometimes do, they will request personal guarantees and take a long time to approve

  • Equity Investors/Venture Debt - They will ask you equity kickers or warrants. And I guess you want to keep control of your business

In Boopos we are helping buyers acquire deals by financing up to 85% of the deal.

  • No personal guarantees nor equity kicker.
  • We bear most of the risk ( up to 85%).
  • You can leverage your capital and acquire more deals.
  • We are very quick. (The best deals are the ones that always get away from the market faster). we can preapprove a business in 48 hours, and we can close a transaction in 7 days.

    If you are interested in funding for an FBA or SaaS business, just book a call here;
    You can also write me at

    Have a wonderful day!